Natural Garden at Bayon TV (part 2)

Natural Garden is well known for high quality and healthy products.

The producer, distributor and retailer of organic rice and chemical-free vegetables, fruits and other healthy products, opened its doors in 2008.The organic rice and chemical-free vegetables are certified by the Cambodian Organic Agriculture Association (COrAA). Natural Garden has become one the leading players in the production and distribution of organic rice, vegetables and other healthy products. Natural Garden owns its 3 own farms, marts and distribution channels, which lets them trace the produce they sell to the source, and can manage the supply chain from the production side to your shopping basket. Currently, Natural Garden also supplies hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and catering businesses. On the production side, Natural Garden’s goal is to promote responsible practices. They provide the technical assistance and in-kind support to their Khmer farmer producers and farms.

They have had a major role in the development of areas where they are active, through creating market opportunities, promoting fair trade and income generating activities while increasing job opportunities at every level along the agribusiness value chain. For the products we cannot grow in Cambodia for climate reason, we sourced it in Da Lat where the temperate climate is perfect for growing European vegetables as broccoli, potatoes, leek etc... There, we have one strong partnership with a company sourcing only GAP products (Good agricultural Practices) in order to source for you the best quality and safe products. So if you are looking for healthy food produced in Cambodia and want to support sustainable agriculture, you know which door to push!

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